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Enhance Your Interior Wall Texture & Drywall Compound with Professional Repair Services

Looking to elevate your living space? Look no further! At Stephen Exterior Painting LLC, we offer top-notch interior wall texture & drywall repair services in Polk County and surrounding areas. Our skilled team is dedicated to transforming your walls into stunning masterpieces that exceed your expectations.
Don't settle for average - trust us to create a beautiful sanctuary tailored to your unique style and preferences. Hire a professional team and ensure a smooth repair job.

Our Process- Step-By-Step Instructions

Repairing interior wall texture and drywall is a common home maintenance task we handle. We use a drywall patch and all the right tools and drywall repair techniques.
Nevertheless, if you are an inexperienced handyman and want to try the DIY repair technique, you will need all of these tools to repair holes and dry and sand the surface. Also, before beginning any work, you will have to determine what method of repair you'll use.
Here's everything you need to know about our process and what drywall repair requires:


Tools and Materials Used:

Putty knife
Sanding sponge or sandpaper
Drywall compound or spackle
Drywall Saw
Drywall Screws
Drywall mud
Patch kit that includes all the patching materials
Texture spray (if matching a textured wall)
Drywall tape (if needed for larger repairs)
Utility knife
Drop cloth or plastic sheeting
Safety goggles and dust mask

Steps Involved

Step 1: Preparing the Area

1. Clearing the area: We move furniture away from the damaged area and cover the floor with a drop cloth or plastic sheeting to catch any debris.
2. Safety measures: We wear safety goggles and a dust mask to protect ourselves from dust particles.

Step 2: Removing Loose Debris

1. Using a putty knife: We gently scrape off any loose texture or old drywall compound around the damaged area, whether the wall or ceiling.

Step 3: Patching Small Holes or Cracks

1. Apply spackle or drywall compound: We use a putty knife to fill nail holes or cracks with spackle or drywall compound. Then, depending on the hole in your drywall, we evenly smooth the edges of the drywall (damaged area) and give it
time to dry.
2. Sand the patched area: Once the compound is dry, we fill the hole with a sanding sponge or sandpaper. We do this until it's smooth and blends with the surrounding wall.

Step 4: Repairing Large Holes in Drywall

1. Cut out the damaged portion: We use a utility knife to remove any damaged or loose drywall for holes larger than usual.
2. New Drywall Patch: This step involves cutting a piece of drywall to fit the hole, securing it with drywall joint tape, and applying joint compound over the seams. Then, we smooth it out and let it dry completely.
3. Sand and blend: Depending on the size of the hole, whether its larger holes or medium, we sand the repaired area until it's smooth and blends seamlessly with the rest of the wall.

Step 5: Applying Texture (if needed)

1. Match the existing texture: If your wall has a textured finish, we use a texture spray or technique to match the existing pattern.
2. Spray or apply texture: We apply the texture evenly over the patched area and let it dry completely.

Step 6: Priming and Painting

1. Prime the repaired area: This step involves applying a primer to the repaired area to ensure the paint adheres evenly.
2. Paint the wall: Once the primer is dry, we paint the wall surface to match the surrounding area with a fresh coat of paint. We apply a second coat if necessary. Whether you want popcorn texture paint or anything, we can do the job as you desire.

Step 7: Cleaning Up

1. Remove the drop cloth or plastic sheeting: We allow the compound to dry and clean up any debris.
2. Dispose of materials properly: We dispose of any used materials according to local regulations.

Any hole requires new drywall replacement, whether it's medium or large. No matter how big the surface of the drywall is, we have the experience and expertise to handle your home improvement project professionally. We use drywall knives, new sheets of drywall, and all the essentials to patch the holes in your wall. Therefore, you can count on us for professional drywall repair services.

What Sets Us Apart?

Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals well-versed in drywall damage repair jobs. With years of experience, we assure a superior outcome.
Quality Materials: We prioritize quality in every aspect, utilizing premium paints, textures, and repair materials that guarantee longevity and durability.
Tailored Solutions: Every home is unique, and we recognize the importance of customized solutions. Our approach is personalized to meet your specific requirements, ensuring satisfaction.

What to Expect from Us?

When you engage Stephen Exterior Painting LLC, expect a seamless experience:

1. Consultation and Assessment: We begin by understanding your needs and conducting a thorough assessment to devise a tailored plan.
2. Preparation: Our team prepares the area meticulously, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.
3. Expert Execution: We execute the agreed-upon plan with precision and attention to detail, delivering exceptional results.
4. Final Inspection: We conduct a comprehensive inspection before concluding our service to ensure perfection.

Choose Stephen Exterior Painting LLC for a Hassle-Free Experience

Our hassle-free and transparent process ensures that all our clients are satisfied at every project stage. We listen to your needs and requirements, assess the condition of your walls, provide expert recommendations, and tailor our services to address your specific concerns.

Why Choose Us?

At Stephen Exterior Painting LLC, we are dedicated to providing efficient and affordable services in Lakeland, FL, and surrounding areas, including Bartow, Winter Heaven, Daven Port, Lake Wales, Auburndale, Clermont, Dade City, Polk City, and Polk County.
You choose the best experts to be at your service by choosing us. Here's why you can trust us:

Reliability: Timely and efficient services, adhering to agreed-upon schedules.
Professionalism: Courteous and respectful interactions, maintaining cleanliness and orderliness throughout the project.
Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive for excellence and aim to exceed your expectations.
Licensed & Insured: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are a fully licensed and insured company in FL.
Exceptional Customer Service: Our commitment to excellence stretches beyond our craft to customer relations. You can expect friendly, professional, and reliable service every time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of the drywall repair process is influenced by the extent of the damage and the complexity of the repairs needed. At Stephen Exterior Painting LLC, we are committed to completing projects promptly without compromising on the quality of workmanship. Our experienced team ensures that repairs are carried out efficiently, ensuring timely project completion.

Our skilled team is proficient in handling various wall textures. Whether you prefer a smooth finish, knockdown, orange peel, or skip trowel texture, we have the expertise to cater to your requirements. Simply communicate your preference, and we will deliver the result that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Absolutely. Our drywall repair services cater to both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you need repairs in your home, office, retail establishment, or any other setting, our team has the expertise to handle the task effectively. We understand the varying demands of different environments and ensure that our repairs are tailored to suit the context.

Yes, transparency is important to us. Before we commence any repair work, we provide a detailed and accurate cost estimate. This estimate is based on the extent of repairs needed, materials required, and any specific customization you may have requested. We aim to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved before we proceed.

Absolutely. We prioritize the safety and security of your space throughout the repair process. Our team takes precautions to minimize disruptions to your daily activities and ensure the repair area is safe. We take care to protect your belongings and maintain a clean working environment.

Maintaining the longevity of your repaired drywall is essential. To ensure its lasting quality, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid excessive moisture exposure, as it can lead to damage.
  • Regularly inspect the repaired area for any signs of wear or damage and address them promptly.
  • Use appropriate cleaning methods and avoid abrasive materials that could harm the texture or finish.
  • Follow any specific care instructions provided by our team to preserve the integrity of the repair work.
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Karen Cain
Karen Cain
Martin did a fantastic job creating a beautiful wood board and batten accent wall in 2 of our bedrooms He has attention to detail, wonderful customer service, and he always cleans everything up after his work. I will definitely be using him again.
I hired Martin to paint an exterior wall of my home. He was professional and even spotted some issues with my home I was not aware of and fixed them while he was here. I plan to have more work done to my home in the future and I will definitely be contacting him.
Theodore Hirsch
Theodore Hirsch
Martin is very professional very happy how quickly he was able to texture our ceiling very clean & very good job highly recommend
Martin painted 100% of the interior of our Lake Wales home. Ceiling, walls, trim, vents, and doors. We couldn't be more pleased with his work. Everything looks fantastic and his attention to detail is amazing. You can stop looking for painters and hire Martin. He's the very best.
Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit
Excellent painters who do it all! I needed two bedrooms painted at the last minute and it was beautifully done. All the imperfections on the walls and corners were fixed to look like new. I was hesitant about getting the closets painted due to the racks being in the way. No worries, Martin made the closets look like the racks had been taken down before painting. Exceptional job! I will definitely use this company again for future indoor and outdoor projects!
Thalisia Figueroa
Thalisia Figueroa
He has painted both my residence and a rental property that I own that was severely damaged. He patched holes in the ceiling and walls and resurfaced the ceiling and textured the walls. He did an amazing job!! Highly recommend and his prices are the best!!!
Kathi Russum
Kathi Russum
Martin has a great attitude and is very professional. He likes what he does and it shows. Our house looks brand new and beautiful! Thank you, Martin! We have only good things to say about him and the job he performed. He was on time and did what he said he would do. You can’t always find that these days.
Paul Singh
Paul Singh
I've had the great pleasure of hiring Martin (of Stephen Exterior Painting) for the painting of the main living area of my house, as well as the entire exterior. Martin was not the cheapest quote I received, however I had a gut feeling which said to choose him. This turned out to be a great decision, and at the end of it all, I felt like I got an amazing value for the price paid.Martin's professionalism, quality, and dedication to his work were unmatched when compared to other professionals I've hired in the past. He covered all the odd angles within my house, resealed any holes or gaps, and painted each wall to perfection. Same for the exterior paint. He made my old house look fantastically new. He even recommended the color for my front door which perfectly complimented the rest of the paint.If I had another house to paint, I would 10/10 hire Martin again.
Madedo Champagnie
Madedo Champagnie
Syephen Exterior is the best and second to none. He is very professional and takes pride in his work. I would give him a ten out of ten and have recommended him to family and friends. Keep up the great work of making houses beautiful and bringing them back to life.
Lorena Kandt
Lorena Kandt
Martin and his team did an excellent job on the interior painting of my home including doors and all trim. I would highly recommend them. I will definitely use them on future painting needs.
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